Chaos Road: Combat Car Racing
Chaos Road: Combat Car Racing
Assassin Shooter Duel
Assassin Shooter Duel
Siren Head Forest Return
Siren Head Forest Return
Grand Skibidi Town 2
Grand Skibidi Town 2
Air Fight
Air Fight
Stickman Shooter Bros
Stickman Shooter Bros
Space Strike Galaxy Shooter
Space Strike Galaxy Shooter
Virus Attack: Merge Plane
Virus Attack: Merge Plane
Tank War Defense
Tank War Defense
Air Attack
Air Attack
Airplane Missile Escape
Airplane Missile Escape
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Shoot'em Up Games

If you're looking for some high-intensity action and fast-paced gameplay, shoot'em up games offer exactly that! These games put you in control of a powerful fighter as you navigate through waves of enemies, dodging bullets and blasting everything in your way. Here are some suggestions for the best shoot 'em-up games:


A classic arcade game, Galaga is a shoot 'em-up game that has been played by generations of gamers. Dodge enemy fire while blasting away at enemy ships, and try to earn high scores along the way.


Another classic game, R-Type is a side-scrolling shoot 'em-up game that requires skill and precision to succeed. Players must navigate through challenging levels, taking out bosses and earning power-ups along the way.


Gradius is a horizontal and scrolling shoot 'em-up game that features challenging enemy patterns and intense boss battles. Players can collect power-ups to upgrade their ship's weapons and abilities, offering a welcome strategic element amidst the chaos.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

A modern mobile game, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter offers the same adrenaline rush as classic shoot'em up games. Players fight against hordes of alien ships, upgrading their weapons and abilities along the way.


One of the most challenging shoot 'em-up games ever made, Ikaruga is a vertical scrolling game that requires precision and quick reflexes. Players must switch between polarities to absorb and deflect enemy fire while also dealing damage to enemies. Shoot'em up games are a perfect combination of adrenaline-pumping action and challenging gameplay. With new games being developed all the time, there's never been a better time to get into this exciting genre. So strap on your seatbelt and get ready for some fast-paced fun with our collection of shoot 'em-up games!

What are the most popular Shoot’em Up Games?

  1. Chaos Road: Combat Car Racing
  2. Assassin Shooter Duel
  3. Air Fight
  4. Grand Skibidi Town 2
  5. Siren Head Forest Return
  6. Space Strike Galaxy Shooter
  7. Stickman Shooter Bros
  8. Tank War Defense
  9. Airplane Missile Escape
  10. Virus Attack: Merge Plane

What are the best Shoot’em Up Games to play on PC, mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Siren Head Forest Return
  2. Stickman Shooter Bros
  3. Grand Skibidi Town 2
  4. Assassin Shooter Duel
  5. Air Fight
  6. Tank War Defense

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