Stick War Legacy

Stick War Legacy (rating 95%/41)
Stick War Legacy

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Stick War Legacy is an addictive stickman defense arcade game that puts you in control of a fearless hero armed with a crossbow and a sword. Your mission is to defend your kingdom against hordes of enemy stickmen. With its captivating gameplay and intense battles, Stick War Legacy has become a popular choice among gamers seeking exciting and challenging experiences.

Game Features

- Embrace the Power of the Stickman Hero: In Stick War Legacy, you take on the role of a powerful stickman hero who possesses incredible combat skills. Armed with a trusty crossbow and a lethal sword, your hero automatically attacks enemies as they approach. However, your assistance is crucial to guide your hero's movements strategically. - Unleash the Power of Units: As you progress through the game and your hero levels up, you unlock the ability to recruit units to aid in your defense. These units possess their unique strengths and abilities, making them valuable additions to your fight against the enemy. From powerful swordsmen to skilled archers, these units play a crucial role in your overall defense strategy. - Overcome Challenging Battles: Stick War Legacy offers a wide range of challenging battles and levels, ensuring that each gameplay experience is unique and intense. Each level presents new and more formidable opponents, requiring you to continuously refine your strategies and adapt to the changing circumstances.

Crush the Competition: Tips and Tricks

- - Strengthen Your Defense with Upgrades: To withstand the increasingly difficult waves of adversaries, it is essential to enhance your defense through upgrades. Stick War Legacy provides a wide array of options to upgrade your units, hero, and various defenses. Spend your hard-earned in-game currency wisely to improve their capabilities and unlock powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. - Develop Your Tactical Skills: Stick War Legacy is not just about mindlessly attacking enemies. It requires you to think strategically, plan your moves, and make split-second decisions. Observing the enemy's patterns, identifying their weaknesses, and exploiting them to your advantage are vital to succeed in this game. Sharpen your tactical skills and gain an upper hand against your adversaries. - Unlock New Strategies with Each Level: With each level you conquer, Stick War Legacy unveils new challenges and opportunities. Each battle introduces unique enemy units and formations that require you to adapt your strategies. Experiment with different unit combinations, explore new tactics and discover the most effective ways to triumph over your foes. - Embrace the Thrill of Victory: Stick War Legacy provides a satisfying sense of accomplishment when you emerge victorious against overwhelming odds. Each successful defense reinforces your skills and grants you further confidence to take on even greater challenges. Celebrate each hard-fought victory and bask in the glory of a well-executed defense.


Desktop, Mouse click and drag to play. Mobile, Tap and slide to play.

How many people like the game and when is the publish date?

95% of 41 players like it, and the game was played 613 times since October-26th-2023

Can I play the game on desktop, mobile phones and tablets?

Yes, of course. The game can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Can I Play For Free?

Yes, you can play all games online for free on CarGames.Com. Just visit the page in a Web browser (desktop, mobile or pad) and enjoy yourself.
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