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Lighthouse Havoc
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Are you ready for a heart-pounding adventure in the eerie darkness of Lighthouse Havoc? Get ready to immerse yourself in a spine-chilling first-person shooting survival simulation game. With its 3D Halloween theme, this game will send shivers down your spine. In Lighthouse Havoc, you will be tasked with eliminating menacing monsters and collecting crucial items, all while fighting to stay alive. But beware, the limited view provided by your flashlight adds an extra layer of challenge, compelling you to rely on your strategic thinking and map navigation skills.

Game Features

- Embrace the Horror: Lighthouse Havoc sets a grim stage where darkness is your greatest adversary. The game's developers have created a haunting atmosphere that will leave you on the edge of your seat. As you step into the shoes of a fearless survivor, you will come face-to-face with grotesque creatures that will test your nerves and combat skills. The vivid graphics and chilling sound effects will transport you to a world where danger lurks at every turn. - Missions and Targets: To successfully navigate Lighthouse Havoc, it is essential to understand the game's mission targets. Your primary objective will be to eliminate the various monsters that roam the eerie landscape. These creatures will come in different forms, each more terrifying than the last. Aim accurately and shoot them down before they can overpower you. Additionally, you must collect pointed items that will aid your survival. These items can provide health boosts, ammunition, or even unlock bonus levels, making them key to progressing through the game. - The Power of the Flashlight: The flashlight in Lighthouse Havoc serves as a valuable tool, illuminating your immediate surroundings in the darkness. However, it comes with a catch its use diminishes your overall view. It is important to strike a balance between using the flashlight to discern threats and conserving its power. Keeping an eye on the minimap will be imperative to anticipate enemy movements and plan your strategies accordingly. The limited visibility ensures heightened tension, providing an intense and truly immersive gaming experience.

Strategies for Survival

1. Aim for the Head: Monsters in Lighthouse Havoc have weak spots, typically the head. Aim for these weak points to deal maximum damage and eliminate them more efficiently. 2. Resource Management: Ammunition and health packs are scarce in Lighthouse Havoc. Make every shot count and use health packs judiciously. Collecting pointed items strategically will be crucial for staying well-equipped. 3. Map Awareness: Constantly refer to the minimap to anticipate monster movements and plan your next steps. This will give you an edge and ensure you are always one step ahead of the lurking horrors. 4. Upgrade Your Arsenal: As you progress in the game, don't forget to upgrade your weapons and flashlight. These upgrades will increase your firepower and survivability against increasingly challenging adversaries.


Instant Games Studio


L = lock or unlock the cursor WASD = move R = reload Mouse = aim and shoot Mouse wheel = change weapons

How many people like the game and when is the publish date?

100% of 9 players like it, and the game was played 242 times since October-24th-2023

Can I play the game on desktop, mobile phones and tablets?

Yes, of course. The game can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

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Yes, you can play all games online for free on CarGames.Com. Just visit the page in a Web browser (desktop, mobile or pad) and enjoy yourself.
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